Wednesday, April 20, 2011

♫ Stalag 16 - Going on 17

I just got the word that my new show was NOT chosen to be the musical in the AP 2012 season.

I guess we'll have to wait another year for...

The working title was Stalag 16 - Going on 17, even thought it took place in Stalag 13.  And what a great show it was going to be. 

It was going to start out on a crisp morning with Sgt. Schultz singing...

...and finishing up with all of Nazi leaders in a rousing chorus of...

We then go inside the barracks where we meet the prisoners...

...before they all jump into the showers.

Klink tells Schultz what it means to be a German in the 20th century (start snapping your fingers)

Frenchman LeBeau does his show-stopper. "If I were a Ger - man"

The only black prisoner, Kinchloe, didn't have much to do in the TV show.  He couldn't "disguise" himself and mingle with the Germans, so he mostly stayed in the barracks.  It was the same problem here, until we gave him this song:

You know what?  That was bad even for this show.  We dropped the song from the final book.

Not to be outdone, Sgt. Schultz gets into the act with his version of a Irving Berlin classic

And we added one from Cole Porter...



Colonel Hogan wants to sneak off to Bavaria with Klink's secretary.


But, you know, with all these hijinks, the German leaders are not happy with what's going on in Stalag 13

So that was my musical.  Maybe I should add some more songs before I resubmit it.  Tunes with "swastika" and "dachshund" and "Third Reich" in the lyrics.  

"Don't cry for me, Baden-W├╝rttemberg "