Saturday, August 13, 2011

Memphis over Buffalo and Chicago

While bouncing around Netflix last Sunday, I saw that the musical Memphis was available.  This was the Tony winner for best musical in 2010 and it will be coming to Shea's this spring.  It was taped in HD and shown in theaters in April and the producers took that 2+ hour performance and put it on streaming video, although a DVD copy is not available for rental.

My wife watched it last weekend, and I watched it this Saturday night.  It really was a great show with early R&B rock and roll music, great characters and a story that grabbed you.  My wife said it was just like RENT without the drugs (she was joking about that.  She loves RENT.)

Why is this a big deal?  Why is it worth writing in a blog?

Because I chose to watch the musical over the Bills game.

Granted, it was a meaningless, preseason game that turned out to be low-scoring (10-3), I still avoided it.

Next Saturday I'll be at Project Stage III in East Aurora instead of watching the Bills-Broncos game from Denver.

And it's not just these two games.


Oh sure, I'll read the previews and look at the post-game wrap-ups, but I will try to do something other than sit in front of the TV or near a radio and pay attection to the action.  I've spent 40+ years watching Bills games and, with the exception of those Super Bowl teams and other playoff action, there's not that much to get excited about.  The last 11 years without a postseason have just been a waste.

When I talk about watching the games my neighbor always says, "Well, it will all be in tomorrow's paper."  I think it's time to change things up.

Of course, if the Bills start the season 6-0, I may have to start watching.

Because 2011 might be "the year."